ProForm 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer

ProForm 290 SPXThe ProForm 290 SPX is the perfect home accessory to save on gym costs and help you to get in shape and lose weight. It is ideal regardless whether you are a beginner to exercise of more experienced.

Sometimes when you want to exercise it can be hard, especially if the weather outside is terrible. However, with this bike you do not have to worry about that any more. You can exercise without ever leaving your house and it offers enough features to keep even the more advanced user happy. It is designed to deliver you the ultimate in cardio exercise and fat burning. The trainer itself offers great versatility with the fully adjustable seat and handlebars. You should be able find the most comfortable position for exercising throughout your workout. The seat can be adjusted up and down and side to side depending on the optimum position for you. Additionally, the handlebars can be adjusted too and are nonslip. This is an added bonus, as it can be annoying when your hands slip during training.

This spinning bike has great features, including cages for your toes. This will keep you feet in place and increase the stability while you exercise. You can even flip the pedals up the other way to increase the intensity and resistance of your workout. The chain drive system that is incorporated into this bike is fantastic as it offers a quiet and smooth ride throughout. Other features include a holder for your water bottle and wheels that are built in so you can easily more the machine from room to room.

Of all the reviews for this bike, the vast majority are very positive towards it. Most customers loved the general feel of the bike and how comfortable it is.

Customer Reviews

A vast number of reviews for this product are very positive. A lot of customers were impressed by the features offered and how quiet and smooth the bike was when training.

Some customers did find that the bike hummed a bit from the flywheel during constant use, but in general there were not too many complaints about this product.

The bike itself seems to be great value for money and well worth checking out. In addition to saving time and money at the gym, this bike offers a great all round workout and should help you to achieve you fitness goals.