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Marcy Upright Mag Cycle

Marcy Upright Mag CycleI ordered this bike and it was shipped in the time that was indicated. First point: very good response. All the things needed to assemble it was intact plus the equipment was easy to put up, straight forward instructions but be careful to tighten all the bolts and nuts because it wobbles if you do not take attention to this. It can be very sturdy and performs to its fullest if you take these notes seriously. That is why they claim it heavy duty.

I have been using for five months from now and it has not yet developed any problems. The seat can be uncomfortable sometimes if you do not know how to seat in it properly. I find it very soaring if you take a 30 minute workout. Rests are the only way to take the pain away. I need to sweat more but it takes some time for me to be satisfied, more than 30 min but my buttocks hurts by that time. I found out that if you adjust the tension on heavier settings it will give enough satisfaction on sweating in less than 30 minutes.

Second point for its quietness in operation: I am able to watch a movie, watch my favorite television shows and listen to music without getting interrupted by those noise that other bikes has. I was not used to that because of my former bike it has ringing that sometimes annoys me which sometimes discourage me to use it, now it is just a dress rack.

spinning bikeThe calorie, speed and time reading look accurate; the only set back is the seat.There is no available replacement for that and you may just have to stick to it as I have made myself comfortable. But few comments about this were raised and could be only a minor problem to you. Its mechanisms are really well, and it is definitely worth for the price. I started at fairly heavy weight and have lost several pounds that are visually noticeable through 30-40 minutes of exercising in level 3 tension; I only last for 7-10 minutes in level 8, equivalent calories burnt on level 3 in 40 minutes but really shocks my muscles.

Durability, it’s as noiseless and smooth as when I it. I applaud it for its fairly sturdy built but I still take care of it and I do not push it to its limits, I do not want it to breaking and throwing my $190 out the window. All in all, you get what you pay for.