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Can Exercise Bikes Help You Lose Weight?

Woman sitting on a bikeA lot of people have already tried almost all things possible just to lose weight. While there are others who were lucky enough to have achieved their desired weight, there are several others who failed. If you ask any medical expert on the best way to lose weight, they will most likely tell you to exercise and to eat healthy.

But the problem is that most people find exercising a big waste of time and money, especially those who are too busy with their work. When it comes to this, investing on home equipment, such as exercise bikes, would be a great option. You can simply install the equipment in your home, or perhaps, in your bedroom and you can exercise all you want, and at any time you want to. But will this equipment help you to lose weight? Read on to find out.

Calories You Can Burn With a Spinning Bike

In order for us to know if an exercise bike can indeed help you to lose weight, we need to find out the amount of calories that you can burn when you exercise using the bike. But then there are also factors that could affect the amount of calories you could burn, such as the type of exercise that you do as well as your level of intensity. Aside from that, your current weight is also a big factor.

Another big factor is the way you eat. If you are really serious about losing weight, you must watch out what you eat as well. No matter how long you exercise on your bike, but if you are not conscious of your diet, then you still will not be able to achieve your desired weight goal.

Just to give you an idea, a person who weighs 120 pounds and spends 30 minutes on the bike doing moderate exercises could lose a maximum of 170 calories. So if you are consistent on your exercise, you could certainly lose a good amount of weight in only a short period of time.

Muscles Targeted when Exercising on your Spinning Bike

If you exercise on your bike, your body will make use of certain muscles to help you in the process of losing weight. Remember that exercise bikes are among those fitness equipment that can help you to achieve the right cardiovascular exercises so riding on your bike means that you are doing something for your heart.

Other muscles that could benefit from exercises done on the bike are the hamstrings, calves, abdominal muscles, back, hip flexors and more. Working out these muscles can help you to lose weight and so if you work out on your bike regularly, you certainly can lose weight.

Things to Do to Lose Weight

As mentioned, it is not enough that you simply rely on your bike if you really want to lose weight. There are several other things that you also need to do in order to achieve your weight loss goal. First of all, you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Eat as much fruits and vegetables and avoid eating junk food and other unhealthy treats. Above all, get enough sleep.

Keiser M3

Why You Should Invest on the Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike

Keiser M3If you ask any health expert about the best way to lose weight, they will most likely tell you to go on a diet and get some exercise. But if you are tired of going to the gym for your much needed exercise, the best option is to invest on the best indoor stationary bike which you can use right at the comfort of your home. With this equipment, you will save both time and money since you no longer need to drive all the way to the gym and there won’t be a need to pay for those expensive membership fees.

But which brand of indoor cycle bike you should invest in? There are so many of them now and deciding which model and brand to choose can get confusing. But there is no need to complicate things when it comes to this. This bike is the best in the market and this is what you should choose.

The Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike is an award winning home exercise equipment that has everything that you will need in a fully functional exercise bike that can help you to lose weight. It is manufactured by Keiser, a company that is known for producing some of the best quality exercise equipments in the market.

While the Keiser M3 exercise bike may not be the cheapest that you can find, you can enjoy excellent quality all the way and every penny you spend for it will be well worth it. It has all the best features of a stationary bike and you can expect excellent durability for this piece of equipment as well.


As stated, the Keiser M3 has all the best features that you can expect from a stationary bike. Here are some of them.

Seat and handlebar adjustment – the seat of the bike features a vertical and horizontal adjustment and you can expect extreme comfort while sitting on it. The handlebar also features a horizontal and vertical adjustment so you are free to alter it to whatever is comfortable for you.

Belt driven – another great thing about the bike is that it is belt driven which means that it produces no noise no matter how fast you pedal.

Computer system – one of the most high tech features of this bike is that it is operated by a computer system that is capable of tracking your heart rate, calories, distance, time, etc.


Now that you know some of the best features that come with this indoor cycle bike from Keiser, you should understand by now why the equipment is worth investing for despite of it being more expensive than other brands and models. Aside from the best features, you can expect that the bike will last longer because it is highly durable. You can use it every day and not worry about it getting broken no matter how hard you thrust those pedals.

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Marcy Upright Mag Cycle

Marcy Upright Mag CycleI ordered this bike and it was shipped in the time that was indicated. First point: very good response. All the things needed to assemble it was intact plus the equipment was easy to put up, straight forward instructions but be careful to tighten all the bolts and nuts because it wobbles if you do not take attention to this. It can be very sturdy and performs to its fullest if you take these notes seriously. That is why they claim it heavy duty.

I have been using for five months from now and it has not yet developed any problems. The seat can be uncomfortable sometimes if you do not know how to seat in it properly. I find it very soaring if you take a 30 minute workout. Rests are the only way to take the pain away. I need to sweat more but it takes some time for me to be satisfied, more than 30 min but my buttocks hurts by that time. I found out that if you adjust the tension on heavier settings it will give enough satisfaction on sweating in less than 30 minutes.

Second point for its quietness in operation: I am able to watch a movie, watch my favorite television shows and listen to music without getting interrupted by those noise that other bikes has. I was not used to that because of my former bike it has ringing that sometimes annoys me which sometimes discourage me to use it, now it is just a dress rack.

spinning bikeThe calorie, speed and time reading look accurate; the only set back is the seat.There is no available replacement for that and you may just have to stick to it as I have made myself comfortable. But few comments about this were raised and could be only a minor problem to you. Its mechanisms are really well, and it is definitely worth for the price. I started at fairly heavy weight and have lost several pounds that are visually noticeable through 30-40 minutes of exercising in level 3 tension; I only last for 7-10 minutes in level 8, equivalent calories burnt on level 3 in 40 minutes but really shocks my muscles.

Durability, it’s as noiseless and smooth as when I it. I applaud it for its fairly sturdy built but I still take care of it and I do not push it to its limits, I do not want it to breaking and throwing my $190 out the window. All in all, you get what you pay for.

Spin Bike

Spinning Bike for Workouts and Fitness

Spin BikeA spinning bike resembles an outdoor bicycle. It is however, principally used as an exercise machine indoors.

An exercise bike, or a stationary bike as it is also often called, is one of the most popular exercise equipment not only in the United States but also throughout the world. This bike looks similar to common outdoor bikes. However, its wheels are raised a few inches from the ground and its wheels are covered. Exercise bike users can get a good workout through this machine without having to go to bike trails.

When searching for a best spinning bike, a user should know what to look out for. Perhaps the most important requirement should be a comfortable seat. Moreover, it should have a sturdy build for foundation. A good exercise bike also allows its user to adjust the height of the seat as well as its resistance to complement different types of workout. Lastly, it should come with a service contract and product warranty.

There are four common types of exercise bikes available in the market today. Amongst all exercise bike types, the spinning bikes closely resemble the outdoor bikes. This takes up less space compared to the recumbent type. An spinning bike user sits on the bike seat with his back in upright position. His/her legs are vertical to the floor reminiscent to that of riding a traditional bike. Recumbent exercise bikes, on the other hand, have seats that are placed at a lower level. The pedals in these bikes are positioned in the front while back support is also provided. This kind of stationary bike is the one most often used by cross-training runners and those with knee and back problems. This bike is designed to focus on the gluteals and hamstrings. The user of this exercise bike type is in a reclined position with his legs horizontal to the floor. Semi-recumbents, meanwhile, are similar to the recumbents but their seats are higher, making them easier to dismount. This feature makes this bike ideal for elderly users. Lastly, dual action exercise bikes are those used for whole-body workout as these have movable handbars that can be used to exercise the arms. See www.thefitroute.com for more information.

A spinning bike or a recumbent stationary bike may come with a heart rate monitor which works either through a wireless heart rate control or a pulse grip heart rate control. Aside from this, they may also have a display console that shows the user information such as workout mode, speed, heart rate, distance, and time.

ProForm 290 SPX

ProForm 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer

ProForm 290 SPXThe ProForm 290 SPX is the perfect home accessory to save on gym costs and help you to get in shape and lose weight. It is ideal regardless whether you are a beginner to exercise of more experienced.

Sometimes when you want to exercise it can be hard, especially if the weather outside is terrible. However, with this bike you do not have to worry about that any more. You can exercise without ever leaving your house and it offers enough features to keep even the more advanced user happy. It is designed to deliver you the ultimate in cardio exercise and fat burning. The trainer itself offers great versatility with the fully adjustable seat and handlebars. You should be able find the most comfortable position for exercising throughout your workout. The seat can be adjusted up and down and side to side depending on the optimum position for you. Additionally, the handlebars can be adjusted too and are nonslip. This is an added bonus, as it can be annoying when your hands slip during training.

This spinning bike has great features, including cages for your toes. This will keep you feet in place and increase the stability while you exercise. You can even flip the pedals up the other way to increase the intensity and resistance of your workout. The chain drive system that is incorporated into this bike is fantastic as it offers a quiet and smooth ride throughout. Other features include a holder for your water bottle and wheels that are built in so you can easily more the machine from room to room.

Of all the reviews for this bike, the vast majority are very positive towards it. Most customers loved the general feel of the bike and how comfortable it is.

Customer Reviews

A vast number of reviews for this product are very positive. A lot of customers were impressed by the features offered and how quiet and smooth the bike was when training.

Some customers did find that the bike hummed a bit from the flywheel during constant use, but in general there were not too many complaints about this product.

The bike itself seems to be great value for money and well worth checking out. In addition to saving time and money at the gym, this bike offers a great all round workout and should help you to achieve you fitness goals.